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Walking After Midnight/Change

This song is by Ellis Paul and appears on the album The Day After Everything Changed (2010).

I go out walking after midnight
In the moonlight
Just like we used to do
I'm always walking after midnight
Searching for you

I walk for miles
Out on the highway
I guess that's my way
Of saying, "I love you"
I'm always walking
After midnight
Searching for you

I stop to see a weeping willow
Crying on her pillow
Well maybe she's been crying for me
The skies are turning gloomy
The night blooms whisper to me
But I'm just as lonesome as I can be

I go out walking
After midnight
In the moonlight
Just hoping that you'll
Be somewhere out walking
After midnight searching for me

There was a dry goods store
A flower shop
A barber with no nose
One alcoholic cop
A beauty parlor
Where they sat in chrome chairs
And it smelled just like
They burned some poor ladies hair

There were toys in the window at the five and dime
Little boys stare
Little girls whine
At the toys in the window
At the five and dime

Well things change
They change a lot
Things change
They blow cold, they blow hot
And if looking back
That's all you got
It don't matter anyway
Cause things change
They change a lot

Well them same little girls
They went working in the stores
And them same little boys
They got sent off to war
And when they got home
All the jobs had gone away
To the places they were fighting
So far away, things change

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