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The Speed Of Trees

This song is by Ellis Paul and appears on the album The Speed Of Trees (2002) and on the compilation album Essentials (2006).

Sometimes in the dead of the night,
I'm dreaming I'm flying at the speed of light,
And in two seconds I'm brushing past the face of the moon,

Eight seconds flat on the surface of mars,
I'm kicking up the red dust,
I'm drinking in bars,
I lean back and raise a toast to the stars tonight,
When I'm dreaming at the speed of light,

Some days I just sat onboard the speed of sound,
I step off this porch and blow a kiss to this whole damn town,
I let off one of them sonic booms,
And break all the windows in 11 rows,
I'd blow off the hats of the boys at the old fair ground,
For laughing at the speed of sound,

Need to say go,
Why don't you go there?
If you want to go why don't you decide?
pick a row,
Just decide,
Is it a train or a plane or a bride?
Decide, decide, decide, decide,

You're love makes me move at the speed of trees,
Lay down some roots, I've grown a head full of make believe,
It weren't for that face or yours,
I'd be riding in the windows, blowing out doors,
Look at me here I'm planning square down on my knees,
On my knees on my knees,
I'm asking for the speed of trees,
Trees, trees.

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