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Blacktop Train

This song is by Ellis Paul and appears on the album American Jukebox Fables (2005) and on the compilation album Essentials (2006).

Ooh-ooh on a blacktop train
They're rolling like the thunder in a midwest rain
Ooh-ooh on a blacktop train, every revolution
Rides the wheels of change

They poured blacktop two-lane right through the cornfields
Laid a stripe right across my back
The wheels came spinning with the wide-eyed crusaders,
Out on a quest for the trail of jack kerouac
Silos, scarecrows, American machine,
Rev up your engines you're as fast as a train
Oh my lord, look how the weather has changed
Cyclones, dust storms, blacktop trains
Cyclones, dust storms, blacktop trains

They're gonna write a new song they blow on by
Start a revolution and blow on by
It ain't ever gonna be the same
They come east coast, west coast, chryslers and oldsmobiles
Smoke rolling, chrome on the plains
Musicians pull over looking over their shoulders
At hank williams, buddy holly lighting the flame

Motels, oilwells, truckstop, marines
Going to California with their pin-up dreams
Roll down your window, brother, shout out my name
You're on route 66, on a blacktop train
Route 66, on a blacktop train

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