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Wouldn't Mama Be Proud?

This song is by Elliott Smith and appears on the album Figure 8 (2000).

The question is wouldn't mama be proud?
There's a silver lining in the corporate cloud
And the pretty post that you're taking as an NCO
Of the great pretender, I should sure think so
Wouldn't mama be proud?

"Can I take your order?" asked the heavenly host
Ticket to the jet stream blowing coast to coast
The long stemmed glasses, a movie and a pleasant dream in mid-air
"You gotta tell me quickly, 'cause we're almost there"
Wouldn't mama be proud?

Pointed out of the window at the sky gone black
"Kid, you're on the right track"

If I send you postcards from the side of the road
Photographs of moving parts about to implode
If I crawl to keep it together like you say you know I can do
To transmit a moment from me to you
Wouldn't mama be proud?
Wouldn't mama be proud?
Wouldn't mama be proud?

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