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Punch and Judy

This song is by Elliott Smith and appears on the album Either/Or (1997).

A wallflower Punch talks to Judy in a crowded corner where anybody can listen in
But they don't read page-to-page or speak easy. Now they're gonna go say the words in the wrong order again

They walk in a circle, through all the sidewalk scenes they used to be apart of one time
Now everybody just stares and whispers
Drivin' around up and down Division Street. I used to like it here, it just bums me out to remember

Can't you ever treat anyone nice? I think I'm gonna make the same mistake twice. Oh

They draw the curtain, wait for a call. Pretty lucky if they get any kind of response at all

Can't you ever treat anyone nice? Think I'm gonna make the same mistake twice
Gonna make the same mistake twice

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