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Bled White

This song is by Elliott Smith and appears on the album XO (1998).

I'm a color reporter (rose city on the 409)
But the city's been bled white (white city on the yellow line)
And the doctor orders (drinking 'til he's trashed is just a waste of time)
He drinks all night to take away this curse
But it makes me feel much worse. Bled white

So I wait for the F train (white city on the yellow line)
And connect through a friend of mine (white city to a friend of mine)
To a yesterdaydream (yesterday a dream was just a waste of time)
'Cause I'll have to be high to track the sunset down
And paint this paling town. Bled white

So here he comes with a blank expression, especially for me 'cause he knows I feel the same
'Cause happy and sad come in quick succession. I'm never going to become what you became

Don't you dare disturb me (don't complicate my peace of mind)
While I'm balancing my past (don't complicate my peace of mind)
'Cause you can't help but hurt me (being mean was just a waste of time)
Like it already has
I may not seem quite right, but I'm not fucked, not quite. Bled white
Bled white

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