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​How's The Family

This song is by Elliott Murphy and appears on the album Aquashow (1973).

How's the wife with the husband
Who doesn't understand
Why she starts to cry each morning
And the coldness in her hands
And the cold cold ballerina
Whose thoughts of love and life
Have split her down the middle
Till she's cracked like walked on ice
And the prince of fifteen years
With no roof over his life
Cause his parents don't know of his meaning
Or his needle and his knife

And how's the family
How's the family

How's the tired widowed grandmother
Who has lost half of her life
And the overweight aunt from nowhere
Who can cook but is no wife
And she thinks it's so disgusting
About the movies that are made
And she sleeps with just a pillow
And a memory that fades
Of a husband who had tried
To do everything so right
Till his heart screamed and stopped beating
As he made love one last night

And how's the family
How's the family

How's the boy and the girl
And the lives that lie ahead
And from two they join as one
They say we'll love till we are dead
And the babies come and grow
And the mothers laugh and cry
And the men know who they're working for
And what's more they know why
Cause its happy to be said
When tears can laugh at pain
And if you love the thought of love
Your birth will never end and how's the family - how's the family