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Hangin' Out

This song is by Elliott Murphy and appears on the album Aquashow (1973).

Well after baby comes around we're gonna go downtown
And see what it is we should know
Don't matter about the city
Cause the girls and boys are pretty
And like leaves in the fall they will blow
Into the place where there's a scene and a screaming machine
They will go
And you can laugh you can stare but we're all in the same damn show

You might find yourself in Paris in a burning drugstore
And Rome's Spanish steps are just around the corner
You can be in London in a hard rock cafe
And Max's Kansas city got the same things to say
And I saw oh now baby
What we doing this for
And she says you better shut up
Cause you know who just walked in the door
Oh baby no no more

Oh give me something more
Oh baby what a bore

I've been taken and my conscience is aching
And I promise myself I won't hang out no more
I see the same old faces in the same old dirty places
I say baby I feel just like whore
I said baby is this what living is for
Is there nothing more
Or is it just to score

You know I tried to find a movie or anything that's groovy
To keep me off of the streets
But those books from nineteen twenty
They don't really help me any
I guess it's always been the same sale of meet
And now I don't give a good goddamn where it is that I go
I'll be a hooker or a looker but I guess my business is show

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