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​Fix Me a Coffee

This song is by Elliott Murphy and appears on the album Soul Surfing (2001).

Fix me a coffee
If you don't have tea
Take a walk through the old town
Read Irish Poetry
I see you dressed in black and green
And your eyes deep blue
Well I could sit here all day long
Just looking at you
There's a word for what we feel
That I dare not say
So fix me a coffee
It's better that way

Soon the sun is in Pisces
Two fish swimming away
I don't believe in anything
That will not stay
The last of the Troubadours
He sings his last love song
Then he packs up his Mandolin
And starts the long drive home
Pop a CD on the radio
The Rolling Stones
But this isn't no main street
And this exile is alone

We got so much in common
Our favourite number is three
You think you can forget me baby
Well not so easily
I'm gonna just gonna sit here
Not gonna shed one tear
I'm not gonna think about
All the coming years

Last night I had one dream
Two heart-shaped doors
In my pocket I had three keys
Then someone counted to four "two, three, four...)
You are too beautiful
To be true
And I don't know how I'll go on
Living without you
But living with a broken heart
It's been done before
So fix me a coffee
Than I'm out the door

If you wanna be young when you're old
You better be old when you're young
If you wanna take my heart prisoner
That's so easily done