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Don't Go Away

This song is by Elliott Murphy and appears on the album Aquashow (1973).

When the sun in the morning and the stars means nothing new
To you what are you gonna do
And the moon and its man just make you feel so sad
Too bad better think of something new
Cause minds are breaking and hearts are aching
And I'm just sitting anticipating
About all the good things we can do
Just to try not and think about you

Don't go away

Sit back lady gonna be a long long time
In line the people all want their say
So why not give me some of this and that old time grind
Who'd mind while we're out anyway
And some dog is barkin' an old time love song
And I keep finding your shirts in my drawer
SoI guess there's nothing for me to do
But to paint your story blues

Don't go away

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