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​Doctor of Mercy

This song is by Elliott Murphy and appears on the album Soul Surfing (2001).

Well I was walking these streets, and it was raining, and I didn't know, what I was looking for, but I was looking for something
You can't imagine, how much I needed
To find an unlocked door

Or an open window, that would lead my blind mind, out from the darkness
Into the light, to the nearest exit
To a little stranger, with a dirty white smile
That looked ultra-bright

That I would be lifted, from my useless concerns, from my mortal fears, of disappearing from sight, into the void
Into the infinite wasteland, where a million billion years, they're gonna pass right in the blink of your eye

But I stopped and I took, I took a cup coffee
With the doctor of mercy, she sat right in front of me, and all of my questions
Calmed down so slowly, until the only thing that really mattered, was if she coming back with me

And although she insisted, she insisted no
That didn't matter, it didn't matter to me
Because I had lost my initiative, and my incorporation, I was so unincorporated and globalized I couldn't see

But the only thing, that I could remember
When we were covered with the lights of dawn that made the roses bleed, and I remember swearing by the shrine of elvis, the blue moon of kentucky would give me what I need

Here's to the blood red days of the end of august, here's to the years we swore we had nothing to lose, and in retrospect I goes I gotta be honest, or else I'm gonna suspect you were my only real muse

But I still easily recall, the way she passed my table, and the crinkle in her eyes
The way she walked, the way she tasted to me
It was just magic, the way she did her inuendos, it was so professional so polished
You could see

That she'd been around, so many drifters
So many pretenders, so many clowns
That I was no different, in fact I was usual
I was too normal, for her to stay around

Now I'm out of time, and I'm out of money
Well I'm out of hope, I think I'm out of luck
And all those wonderful things that I found so interesting, to tell the truth right about now I don't give a fuck