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Black Crow

This song is by Elliott Murphy and appears on the album Soul Surfing (2001).

Black Crow outside my window, I feel a new age coming
She's walking on red roofs, With a beak like yellow paint

Is this some kind of omen?, Or am I superstitious?
But that's not the question, And the answer is too late

Black crow outside my window, She takes a bite and flies on
I could wait for her to return, Or I could go to lunch

Yeah I could go for Chinese, Something sweet and spicy
I could go for you, anytime at all

Black crow outside my window, Is it the same as yesterday
Or do they have my number?, Knowing I'll be there

Fly Away...

Sitting at my keyboard, Staring at antennas
The last time the phone rang, Must have been a hundred years

If history is over, And all the poetry dried up
You'd still be my Cleopatra, I'm your Marc Anthony man

When I was seventeen, Now that's an age that lingers
Always driving and thinking, Much too much of that

Black Crow outside my Window, You know I wish it was snowing
So her three pronged walking footprints, Would still be here after she's gone

Fly Away...

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