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This song is by Elliott Murphy and appears on the album Just a Story From America (1977).

Anastasia please come home, your family's on the telephone
They know they left you all alone with your royalty
Oh and Anastasia you did nothing wrong
Your biggest sin was just being born
Aristocracy is like a crown of thorns it takes believers

Anastasia where can we go
The border guards they don't want to know
We need some time to relax and slow things down
And Anastasia I know what you mean
The revolution took away our dreams
Took away our fantasies gave us sewing machines
And the noise

And the jewels and the lights of those winter nights
And a little girl's eyes oh so wide
I'm not saying they were wrong to fight
But I know they were wrong to despise
Just the joy in a little girl's eyes

Anastasia please come home
Your daddy the czar is on the telephone
His little girl so lost and alone
It makes him cry

Oh and Anastasia if he only knew
I know he'd throw it away just to be with you
Just a family man that's nothing new
No reason to die

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