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The Real Ellen McIlwaine (1975)Edit

Ellen McIlwaine - The Real Ellen McIlwaine

The Real Ellen McIlwaine

  1. Higher Ground
  2. Lazy Day
  3. He the Richmond
  4. Up in Heaven Shouting / I Am So Glad
  5. Blueberry Hill
  6. The Secret in This Lady's Heart
  7. Virginia Creeper
  8. Thirty-Piece Band
  9. Tennessee Ridgerunner
  10. Crawling Kingsnake
  11. Down So Low
  12. Let's Go Down to the Ocean
  13. Born Under a Bad Sign
  14. Let Me Be

Everybody Needs It (1982)Edit

Ellen McIlwaine - Everybody Needs It

Everybody Needs It

  1. I Want Whacha Got
  2. Say a Single Word
  3. Everybody Needs It
  4. Come Sit Down and Tell Me
  5. Danger Zone
  6. Nothing Left to Be Desired
  7. Regretting Blues
  8. Hang on to a Dream
  9. Cure My Blues
  10. Temptation Took Control
  11. Keep On

Women in (E)motion (1998)Edit

Ellen McIlwaine - Women in (E)Motion

Women in (E)Motion

  1. Save the World
  2. Howl at the Moon
  3. Beg for the Reason
  4. Fight the Power
  5. May This Be Love
  6. Crawling Kingsnake
  7. I'm a Woman
  8. Bid You Goodnight
  9. Lean on Me

Up from the Skies: The Polydor Years (1998)Edit

Ellen McIlwaine - Up from the Skies- The Polydor Years

Up from the Skies- The Polydor Years

  1. Toe Hold
  2. Weird of Hermiston
  3. Up From the Skies
  4. Losing You
  5. It's Growing
  6. Ode to Billy Joe
  7. Pinebo (My Story)
  8. Can't Find My Way Home
  9. Wings of a Horse
  10. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  11. Wade in the Water
  12. Ain't No Two Ways About It (It's Love)
  13. All to You
  14. Sliding
  15. Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune
  16. Farther Along
  17. I Don't Want to Play
  18. Underground River
  19. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (But Nobody Wants to Die)
  20. Jimmy Jean
  21. We the People

Spontaneous Combustion (2001)Edit

Ellen McIlwaine - Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion

  1. Mockingbird
  2. Take Me to the River
  3. Dead End Street
  4. Up from the Skies
  5. Sidu (Grandmother)
  6. Sitting on Top of the World
  7. Bid You Goodnight
  8. Spontaneous Combustion
  9. Say a Single Word
  10. Egyptian Blues (True Mummy Theme)

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