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Swearing's For Art Students (2006)Edit

Elle Milano - Swearing's For Art Students
Swearing's For Art Students
  1. Swearing's For Art Students
  2. Men Are Bastards
  3. Amphetamine Skyrocket
  4. Believe Your Own Hype. Always.

Acres of Dead Space Cadets (2008)Edit

Acres Of Dead Space Cadets
Acres of Dead Space Cadets
  1. Laughing All the Way to the Plank
  2. Meanwhile in Hollywood...
  3. My Brother, the Astronaut
  4. Stepkids In Love
  5. Carousels
  6. Curiosity Killed The Popstar
  7. Katsuki And The Stilletoed Stranger
  8. I Know It's Good But I'm Playing It Down
  9. The Nightclub Is Over
  10. Wonderfully Wonderful (All The Time)
  11. This Is How It Ends


  1. And All The Good People Will Go To Heaven (B-side to My Brother, The Astronaut)
  2. Ringtone Advertising Director (B-side to Meanwhile in Hollywood)
  3. Showroom Furniture (B-side to Meanwhile in Hollywood)
  4. Killin' Time (B-side to Laughing All the Way to the Plank)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. All American Pt 1
  2. B-B-Burn The Bigger Picture
  3. Bunny Gun
  4. Busy Busy Busy
  5. Chess Tragedy
  6. Concrete Kerb
  7. Girlscout Up Late Doing Her Homework
  8. Juliette's Dead
  9. Melanie Your Melting
  10. Oh Society! Look What You've Done
  11. Oo Beyonce Baby
  12. Poet And A Man Of The People
  13. Private Thoughts
  14. Rip La Presidente
  15. Sunshine In Happyland
  16. The Choreographer
  17. The Great Gulf
  18. Think Pink Lipstick

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