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My Man's Gone Now

This song is by Ella Fitzgerald and appears on the album Porgy & Bess (1959) by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong.

My man's gone now,
Ain't no use alistening
For his tired foot-steps
Climbin' up the stairs. Ah!
Old Man Sorrows
Come to keep me comp'ny,
Whisperin' beside me
When I say my prayers. Ah!

Ain't that I mind workin'·
Work an' I are travellers
Journeyin' together
To the promised land.
But Old Man Sorrow's
Marchin' all the way with me
Tellin' me I'm old now
Since I lost my man.
Since I lost my man.

Old Man Sorrow
Sittin' by the fireplace,
Lyin' all night long
By me in the bed.
Tellin' me the same thing
Morning, noon and evening.
That I'm all alone now
Since my man is dead. Ah!
Since my man is dead! Ah!

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