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​Tell Me More And More And Then Some

This song is by Elkie Brooks and appears on the album Nothin' But The Blues (1994).

I want more, more and then some
Daddy, you know what I wanna hear
I want some more, more and then some
Of that I love you only dear

I want some more, more and then some
Of how you feel and then
When you done told me
How much you love me
When you're through
Start right back in again

I've made the same mistake
I know the awful ache
Of a little heart that's been double crossed
The waiting's been so long
It's hard to be believing
I thought I'd missed my guess
Thought happiness for me was lost

I want more, some more
More and then some
You know how I love that stuff
Whisper from now till Doomsday
No I never, no I never
Will get enough