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Mister Bad Penny Blues

This song is by Elkie Brooks and appears on the album Trouble In Mind (2003).

I thought the blues were no more
I believed that bad times were dead
I was so cool and mellow
Not a worried thought in my head
But when I woke up today
Mister Blues was sittin' right there on my bed
Here's what he said:

Well, hello there, babe, I've been far away
I've come back now an' I'm here to stay
I said 'No Mister, you turn around
Pick up your bag and you can go - I don't mean slow'
But if he leaves today, he'll be back tomorrow
That's one thing I know, you can be sho'

Life ain't worth livin' when the blues is around
Gonna buy a ticket and ride out of town
What's the use of hidin', he'll find me
Wherever I choose to run
I thought that trouble was over, now I find it's
Only just beuin - that ain't no fun

He'll come knock, knock, knockin' on my door
Tap, tap, tappin' on my window
I'm lookin' North and South, I'm lookin' East and West
I can't see no place that's gonna give me rest
He's Mister Bad Penny Blues, he's always turnin' up at my door

Gotta find a way to keep him out
No use to scream and shout
Gonna get me a mean ol' hound
To bite his legs when he comes round
Or buy a Kalashnikov, blow his head right off
I'm singing the bye bye blues - put on my walkin' shoes
Mister Bad Penny, bad penny...

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