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Hard Times

This song is by Elkie Brooks and appears on the album 'Round Midnight (1993).

My mother told me 'fore she passed away
Said girl, when I'm gone don't forget to pray
'Cause there'll be hard times
Hard times
Oh yeah, and who knows better than I

Well, I soon found out just what she meant
When I had to pawn my clothes just to pay my rent
Talkin' about hard times
Hard times
Yeah, yeah, and who knows better than I

I had a man, Lord, who was always around
But when I lost my money and he put me down
Talkin' about hard times
You know those hard
Yeah, Lord, who knows better than I

Yeah, Lord, yeah, one of these days
There'll be no more sorrow when I pass away
And no more hard times
I said no more hard
Yeah, Lord, who know better, Lord
Better than I

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