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La Tro7

This song is by Elissa.

omri ytoul enta ri7 albe ydoub be lhanan
rou7i t2oul aghla 7abib
wel maktoub men zaman

laa la latrou7
laa rou7e trou7
ya wele wele wele wel wele aah ya wele wel


7obak beesaher 3oyone
woujodak benawer
ghyabak besabeb jonone
wou orbak bi lawen 7ayati
shou2i shou2 lalil nhar

lail nhaar ma berta7
albe ydou a2wa naar
a2wa nar law hawak 3ane ra7

laaaa la la trou7
laa rou7e trou7
ya wele wele wel wele wele ahh ya wele wel


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