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Thinking of You

This song is by Eliana Burki and appears on the album Heartbeat (2008).

In the morning when you wake up
And I'm a long long way away
I can feel the love you're sending
And it helps me through the day
When I'm feeling very lonely
In this empty hotel room
You send your love and kisses
Reflected by the moon

And your smile comes to me
Reflected by the moon
Reflected by the moon
Flying through the sky

And I'm thinking of you
So far away from me
Your reflection in the moon
We can see each other shining there
And I'm dreaming of you

But the stars can't take me home
The moon is our mirror, shining bright
That keeps us both together, through the night
Forever, together

When I look at the moon
I can feel your mind
Our special magic lantern
Hanging in the sky

Sending you a message
Love letters via the moon
Keeps us both together
When we're far apart

And your smile comes to me
Reflected from the moon
Reflected from the moon
Flying through the sky

Wherever we are
We're always together, forever

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