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Pisces Apple Lady

This song is by Elf and appears on the album Live At The Bank (1972).

This song is a cover of "Pisces Apple Lady" by Leon Russell.
Got to get off my bottle get down and see a friend
I'll know what to do when I tell him how bad it's been
He said, "You ought to get away to the English countryside
'Cause crying won't help you now boy why don't you look how many tears you cried"

When I got down to Chelsea I had no great expectations
To get away from the delta girl and the painful situation
But I hardly had the time to laugh and look around
When I found my heart was going again like English leaps and pounds

She's a Pisces Apple Lady when she's speaking softly
She screams she's really got herself together
She's a Pisces Apple Lady she took me by surprise
And I fell into a hundred pieces right before her eyes

And now we're together all the way to L.A.
I know that I love her 'cause she can brighten up a smoggy day
If I believed in marriage I'd take her for my wife
And move on down into high gear baby for the rest of my natural life

Written by:

Leon Russell

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