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Give Me A Chance

This song is by Elf and appears on the album Live At The Bank (1972).

Pretty girl that needs some every day
Rolling across the USA
Love finds love don't last
Said lord going to make them fine
Just got to take me home
Ma said, "Son, you just leave alone"

Give me a chance give me a chance
Give me a chance give me a chance

I'm just a country boy I'm out on my own
When you came along in a toker home
Said, "Son she's going to step on you"
I say I'm going to number two
Said, "Son, going to tell you true
She's going to step on you"

I'm waiting steel going across the USA
Took me along to walk the place
Said "Son, give me a bed"
Just play play ahead
One night after the show
Said, "Son, hate to see you go"

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