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Drown Me In The River

This song is by Elf and appears on the album Live At The Bank (1972).

I've always been a hard luck gambler
Lost my money down in San Francisco
Finally made my way back to Tennessee
That's where I begged a little lady
Listen true then she had to tell me
Bad guarantee make me out a man feel it
Take me down and told me with a smile
We've been wrong this eagle's sold out
Plan fifty fifty she showed me how to love
Say the words now
Sweet daughter of a rambling preacher
I'll be the gun she will be the teacher
I can't always fight an arrival that beachhead line
How did it feel? [?????] You deserve
Put the lead in I'm doing it for
For feeling that loving fire hey I don't know

Drown me drown me in the river
Let me be the taker her be the giver
Just one time one time got to get a taste of heaven
Drown me mister piglet man
Given up the life of a one night stand
Lady going to do it all over again

Little lady really kept the deal
Put a gun that she steals
Paid a lot of money lord in a very short while
She said I think we better split now
Love's coming a face of money
And you sure know have to love Saint Louis style

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