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Live At The Bank (1972)Edit

Elf - Live At The Bank

Live At The Bank

  1. Wake Up Sunshine (Demo)
  2. Smile For Me Lady (Demo)
  3. Rosemarie (Demo)
  4. You Felt The Same Way (Demo)
  5. Driftin' (Demo)
  6. Saturday Night (Demo)
  7. Cross-Eyed Mary
  8. Stay With Me
  9. Little Queenie / Johnny B. Goode / Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
  10. An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down
  11. Cold Ramona
  12. Black Dog
  13. Lura Lura
  14. Four Day Creep
  15. Give Me A Chance
  16. Rumble
  17. Aqualung
  18. Drown Me In The River
  19. Simple Man
  20. Won't Get Fooled Again / Baba O'Riley
  21. Pisces Apple Lady
  22. Dirty Dollar Bill
  23. Buckingham Blues
  24. So Long
  25. You Shook Me / Rock's Boogie
  26. War Pigs
  27. Love Me Like A Woman
  28. Stone Cold Fever
  29. Behind Blue Eyes
  30. Sit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright) (Rehearsal)

Elf (1972)Edit



  1. Hoochie Koochie Lady
  2. First Avenue
  3. Never More
  4. I'm Coming Back for You
  5. Sit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright)
  6. Dixie Lee Junction
  7. Love Me Like A Woman
  8. Gambler, Gambler

Live! And My Soul Shall Be Lifted (1973)Edit

Elf - Live! And My Soul Shall Be Lifted

Live! And My Soul Shall Be Lifted

  1. First Avenue
  2. Sit Down Honey (Everything Will Be Alright)
  3. Dixie Lee Junction
  4. Stay With Me
  5. Four Day Creep
  6. I'm Coming Back For You
  7. Love Me Like A Woman
  8. Never More
  9. Don't Waste A Minute Of Time
  10. Stone Cold Fever
  11. Streetwalker
  12. Hoochie Koochie Lady
  13. Rocking Chair Rock 'N' Roll Blues
  14. Goin' Down
  15. Drum Solo
  16. Gambler, Gambler
  17. Guitar Solo
  18. Do The Same Thing
  19. Little Queenie

Carolina County Ball (1974)Edit


Carolina Country Ball

  1. Carolina County Ball
  2. L.A. 59
  3. Ain't It All Amusing
  4. Happy
  5. Annie New Orleans
  6. Rocking Chair Rock 'n' Roll Blues
  7. Rainbow
  8. Do the Same Thing
  9. Blanche

Trying to Burn the Sun (1975)Edit

Elf-trying to burn the sun

Trying To Burn The Sun

  1. Black Swampy Water
  2. Prentice Wood
  3. When She Smiles
  4. Good Time Music
  5. Liberty Road
  6. Shotgun Boogie
  7. Wonderworld
  8. Streetwalker

Band MembersEdit

  • Ronnie James Dio: Vocals, bass
  • Gary Driscoll: Drums
  • Steve Edwards: Guitar
  • David Feinstein: Guitar
  • Craig Gruber: Bass
  • Mark Nauseef: Percussion
  • Mickey Lee Soule: Vocals, piano
  • Doug Thaler: Vocals, guitar, keyboards

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Other SongsEdit

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  1. Baby It's Cold Outside
  2. Christmas Island
  3. Jingle Bells
  4. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
  5. Nothing From Nothing
  6. Pennies From Heaven
  7. Rocking Chair Rock N Roll Blues
  8. Santa Baby
  9. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  10. Sit Down Honey
  11. Sleigh Ride
  12. There Is A Santa Claus
  13. Winter Wonderland

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