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Teenage Pin Queen

This song is by Eleventh Dream Day and appears on the album Beet (1989).

Dust stained walls
Termite eaten heat beaten lull
Skyscraper cactus in the Southwestern twilight

Pickled eggs and Kosher hens
Chickenshit on the barstool turns and says,
"I gotta truck that will mess you up,
It's got ten-foot wheels and all that stuff"
And I say, "Roll away, Rene. Just roll away."

Truck stop town, bowling alley, Thursday Night
It's league night
Teenage pin queen she's eating her fries
(They're cheese fries)

"Go to Hell!" Her boyfriend storms away
She turns on her barstool and flirts with anyone
He comes back for more, she does her best to ignore him
She's pledging her satin jacket
Then the plumber makes a strike
He asks her for a kiss
She's all too happy to oblige him
After all it's Thursday Night
After all she's the teenage pin queen

Stranger than life
Lower than Hell

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