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The Man Who's Always Lost

This song is by Eleni Mandell and appears on the album Let's Fly a Kite (2014).

The man who's always lost keeps his fingers crossed
He might get wise or sick and tired and take off
The man who's always home feeling so alone
Driving back and forth, he's a slave to his work, but he's the boss

Round and round, is it east or west?
He took a wrong turn, is it right or is it left?
Dreams about the days before when he was poor and happier

The man who stays out late, every waitress knows his name
It's no surprise they like the tips and they smile, but that's the game

Why, it's hard to say, he just can't walk away

The man accepts the cost, he's cold enough to frost
While he waits to feel the sun, wanders aimlessly for fun
He's the man who's always lost


Written by:

Eleni Mandell

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