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Worn Out With Dreams

This song is by Elend and appears on the album Winds Devouring Men (2003).

Don't tear apart your name
It hides you, and it heals the pain.

Don't tear out your love,
You can't depart from me.
You'll stay away from harm.
Abide by me when indecision strikes,

Down there with me,
Let me enfold you:
I cannot escape our frail embrace.
I bend under the morning light
But I could scale the face of Life.

Mock me, mock me
If my voice is unsteady.

I am just worn out with dreams.
Under your pale sardonic sky,
I am watching myself crawl.

Down to me,
Down with me,
Onward a new path,
Let me enfold you:
We cannot escape our frail embrace,
We bend under the morning light.

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