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On My Balcony

This song is by Elemeno P and appears on the album Love & Disrespect (2003).

Feeling you get when you throw it away
Last lucky strike and a full ashtray
It happened once it won't happen again
Serving an ace to my swift back hand
Not strictly true is what I said to you
Last-ditch defence has been misconstrue
Coming correct simply had to forget
Flight of my skilfully crafted debt

Fight for you die for you I won't let you down
I felt you close on the balcony
It felt to me
That you still understood

Sometimes I wish
I had not gotten into it
Dismissed, I had to admit
Not been keeping it so legit
Not been keeping so legit
I'm just not feeling it

No inspiration, no lyrics enough said
Granted a few may have been mislead
Fooled by myself and I'm over absorbed
Can't see the end of this fresh record
Fight for you die for you I won't let you down
And I felt alone, on my balcony
Occurred to me
How much you're still with me

Chorus x2

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