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The Forgotten

This song is by Elegy and appears on the album Manifestation Of Fear (1998).

(Music: Henk van der Laars and Dirk Bruinenberg)
(Lyrics and vocal melody: Ian Parry)

Ignored and hated by many, he can't stand the very sight of himself.
Believing only that people wish him harm,
While all the time there is a sympathetic eye from an admiring lady.
As the years pass, she slowly gains his trust,
But not without incident.
Being of a passive and loving nature,
She helps to transform his anger with regression.
Eventually his fears are changed into a positive belief
In the goodness we all possess.

Ignored by the many, adored by the chosen few
Friends he hasn't any, just his own point of view

There stands a lady inbetween the shadows
Waiting patiently for you
Holding out her hand she whispers
Together we'll pull through
She transforms his anger
Helps him wipe away the tears

I'll be there, standing next to you
I'll be there I will pray, I will pray for you
'Cause you're one of the forgotten children

One of the, one of those forgotten children
One of the forgotten friends
Cast away those sins forgiven
Fight on, fight on to the end
You've gotta fight on

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