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'Til Eternity

This song is by Elegy and appears on the album Forbidden Fruit (2000).


Immortal souls always and forever
A bond between us, a passion real
Complete devotion till the passing comes
Unending love, my queen is she
I'll be by your side, time and again
In each of our lives
I'll wait until you return, though it may take
Till eternity and beyond... waiting till eternity

The bringer of hope, the flame within my soul
My Cleopatra, my goddess from the seven seas

Her spirit lies
Asleep within me
Her soul survives
Waiting... to be discovered

Through the centuries far and wide
Beyond this life, the otherside
Into another time I came
An' still I search for you again
Devoted till the day I die
Kindred spirits, no goodbyes
Together one day we will be
I'll love you till eternity

Our love was a power, a power so divine
It's greatest secret, eternal youth to stay alive

The body dies
The soul continues, the body dies
Her spirit lies
Asleep, waiting to be given life

Till eternity, I'll love you always, waiting till eternity
You know I'll love you till eternity

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