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​Uh Oh Hello

This song is by Elefant and appears on the album The Black Magic Show (2006).

This song is featured in the video game FIFA 07.
If I talk to you
Will you stick around?
I like the way you look
I like the way you touch

If you were my friend
Do you think we could pretend?
That everything's all right
I know you like it when we fight.

Uh oh hello

It's like a Sunday night
We're smoking with the windows down
I know it's not polite
To always want to kiss and bite

Uh oh hello

You look so good when you're a mess. I don't know why
The candy wrappers on the floor match your eyes
And when I pass the old high school I think of you
And all those summer nights we held hands and knew

Uh oh hello

Written by:

Diego Garcia