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When She's Gone

This song is by Electronic and appears on the album Twisted Tenderness (2000).

I'm shaking like a leaf on a tree
Do you understand, will you come with me?
Don't make a sound, don't even breathe
They'll understand, why don't we leave?

We can steal a ride on a bus
Drive down a road all covered in dust
Head north by northwest till we reach the coast
We'll find an address that don't get the post

When she's gone
Even though she won't be long
It just tears my world apart
Puts a hole right through my heart

She let me see her new tattoo
It was my name written in blue
A mark of pain across her chest
I was the lover on her breast

So come with me and don't be afraid
We could be free out of the shade
Your life has begun, come on lets run
Over the ground in an air raid
We've got the gun, don't be afraid

Only when this girl has gone
Will I know if I am wrong
Who would choose a life of one?
I can't carry on when she's gone

Only when this girl has gone

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