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Eye Contact

This song is by Electric Six and appears on the album Heartbeats And Brainwaves (2011).

Call me a lover or call me a lion
Call me the minstrel of sighin'
With god as my witness
I try to grow with this
But I just can't stand by your lyin'

You say you wouldn't dare
As far as you're aware
What is fair, is fair
Let's not go there

But can you show that
Without eye contact
I need a new?
Or else you'll take it all back

We arrived here alone and we left here together
Like birds of a colorful feather
Drinks came and drinks went, but drugs were forever
This contract was doomed to be severed
You said that all was war in love and fair
It was more than I could bear
Don't make me go back there

But then before we saw that
We made eye contact
Taking two six packs
And then we bridge the contract

We made contact with a higher power
Love growing stronger hour by hour
There was no room for compromise
When you made me stare directly in your eyes
How do I get through this nightmare
I don't know
Don't make me go back there, 'cause I won't go

I should have stayed in Ohio (Man!)
And now they play the last game show

Can you show respect
Without eye contact (the more you feel, the less you know)
Or else you'll take it all back (I want to get you high)

How can you show respect
We made eye contact (shoot it directly in your eye)
Trying to slip back
And then we breach the contract

Can you show respect
Without eye contact
Or else you'll take it all back

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