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Eleanor McEvoy (1993)Edit

Eleanor McEvoy - Eleanor Mcevoy

Eleanor McEvoy

  1. Finding Myself Lost Again
  2. Only A Woman's Heart
  3. Apologise
  4. Boundaries Of Your Mind
  5. For You
  6. Go Now
  7. It's Mine
  8. Not Quite Love
  9. Promises We Keep
  10. Music of It All
  11. Leave Her Now
  12. Breathing Hope
  13. Stray Thoughts

What's Following Me? (1996)Edit

Eleanor McEvoy - What's Following Me-

What's Following Me?

  1. A Glass Unkissed
  2. Where Is The Healing?
  3. Don't Ask Me Why
  4. Precious Little
  5. Whisper A Prayer To The Moon
  6. Trapped Inside
  7. Sleepless
  8. My Own Sweet Bed Tonight
  9. Biochemistry
  10. The Weatherman (Twelve Days)
  11. The Fire Overhead
  12. All That Surrounds Me
  13. Famine (UK Bonus Track)

Snapshots (1999)Edit

Eleanor McEvoy - Snapshots


  1. There 's More To This Woman
  2. All I Have
  3. Did You Tell Him?
  4. Please Heart, You're Killing Me
  5. To One Who Didn't Know You
  6. Now You Tell Me
  7. Wrapping Me Up In Luxury (Until The Morning Comes)
  8. She Had It All
  9. Territory Of Poets
  10. Sophie
  11. Easy To Lose Hope

Yola (2001)Edit

Eleanor McEvoy - Yola


  1. I've Got You To See Me Through
  2. Isn't It A Little Late
  3. Did I Hurt You?
  4. Seasoned Love
  5. The Rain Falls Down
  6. Dreaming Of Leaving
  7. Easy In Love
  8. Last Seen October 9th
  9. Leaves Me Wondering
  10. I Hear You Breathing In
  11. Something So Wonderful

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  1. There's More To This Woman

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