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Album by Elbow.
  1. Any Day Now
  2. Red
  3. Little Beast
  4. Powder Blue
  5. Bitten by the Tailfly
  6. Newborn
  7. Don't Mix Your Drinks
  8. Presuming Ed (Rest Easy)
  9. Coming Second
  10. Can't Stop
  11. Scattered Black and Whites
Bonus track on US and Japan releases
  1. Asleep in the Back
Additional bonus track on Japan release
  1. Vum Garda
2009 reissue bonus disc
  1. Powder Blue (The Noisebox EP version)
  2. Red (The Noisebox EP version)
  3. Theme from Munroe Kelly (The Noisebox EP version)
  4. Can't Stop (The Noisebox EP version)
  5. Bitten by the Tailfly (live at the Astoria)
  6. Coming Second (live at the Astoria)
  7. Don't Mix Your Drinks (live at the Astoria)
  8. Can't Stop (live at the Astoria)
  9. Scattered Black and Whites (live at the Astoria)
  10. George Lassoes the Moon (live at the Astoria)
  11. Newborn (live Lamacq Session)
  12. Don't Mix Your Drinks (live Lamacq Session)
  13. Red (live Lamacq Session)

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