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Street Child

This song is by Elan and appears on the album Street Child (2003).

We are the little ones who roam the underbelly of the streets
that normal people work. Wrong side of the tracks, the deep end of the ocean
the colors of the gypsies is the shadow night.

Darkness inside out seeps into your veins, listen to the rain,
the only thing keeping you alive is the gracious night.

Let me go. let me sleep until forever.
let me close my eyes and hide
until the never, let me go, let me slip
into the sky and tiptoe into madness in a hollow cry.

cause no one ever told me i committed any crime and no one ever
told me how i went blind.

and all i ever wanted was a free mind, a guiltless conscience
and a place where i could fly.

I threw my cards out on the table and i put my neck out on the line
i took the verdict i was handed and now i've served my time.

Let me go...

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