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Still Breathing

This song is by Elan and appears on the album Shine (2008).

I'm tired of the music
Wasted on the business
And I met all the suits
And pais all my dues

And it's an easy letdown
When there's no food to eat
It's hard to make a comeback
When I'm tired to my feet

You like my records
But what you think about me?
And I like what you're thinking
But were you thinking of me?
Rock and roll is just a quick fix
Got the world at my feet
Got my time to beat

I got a new gig
And a new stagehand
Got a new tour bus
And a four piece band
I got a good crowd
I got a good crowd tonight
Ain't tha right?
They're just good people
No, they don't bite

You can try to own me
You can try to control me
You could never own me
You should try to love me
Oh, you know...

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