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This song is by El Pus.


You kicked me out, I called you up
And after all, I wish I would've stayed away
Because I'm getting tired, India

And every time
I hear your name
I think of game
That sometimes I don't wanna play
Because I've had enough of India


Seven years
Or more of this
Is more than I
Can be asked to endure, and if this
Is a test
I've failed it, India

I wish you love
I wish you joy
And if you someday
Have a girl or boy, I hope
You teach them better
Than you, India

Seven years
Or more of this
Is more than I can stand
Tried my best
To be with you
And simply be a man
Sometimes when I try to talk
You need to understand
That life is long
And life is love
I used to love you, India

I won't explain
I thought you knew
But you assumed it wasn't true

When I told you the type of man
That I was, India

I broke it down
And kept it real
'Cause that's just how a brother feels
But you tried to manipulate
My mind state, India

Now seven years
Have come and went
And I won't miss a moment spent
But still I bid you fairly well
My darling India



Seven years
Or more of this
Is more than I can stand.

1: What is, what is El Pus, man?
2: I never heard of that shit.
1: That's some shit somebody ? yo.
2: That's bullshit.
3: Is that Mexican?
1: I mean, for real, y?all don't got a real name, man? I mean what's ? is it Spanish or something?
3: What the fuck?
1: I can't hear you, Cuf.
2: These niggas.
1+2: The shit!
2: In what language?
1: That shit's Portuguese-Jamaican!