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​Hanging Around

This song is by El Presidente and appears on the album El Presidente (2005).

I didn't want to break your heart 'cause I love you
I didn't want to hurt your feelings 'cause I miss you
Baby, baby it's all right 'cause I need you
I didn't want to disappoint 'cause I know, yes I know

Baby It's gonna be all right hanging around, hanging around (x4)

A honey, honey, honey don't let me be without you
I can't remember love that tastes so sweet like you do
God damn I don't mind you don't need me
A love llike this you throw away
I bet that makes your bi***in' day

Baby it's all right ... Baby it's
Baby. Baby. Oh Oh Oh Oh ...

(Reprise) Baby it's gonna be all right ...
Baby it's. Baby. Baby. Oh Oh Oh Oh