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Fantastic Damage (2002)Edit

El-P - Fantastic Damage

Fantastic Damage

  1. Fantastic Damage
  2. Squeegee Man Shooting
  3. Deep Space 9mm
  4. Tuned Mass Damper
  5. Dead Disnee
  6. DeLorean (featuring Aesop Rock and Ill Bill)
  7. Truancy
  8. The Nang, the Front, the Bush and the Shit
  9. Accidents Don't Happen (featuring Cage and Camu Tao)
  10. Stepfather Factory
  11. T.O.J.
  12. Dr. Hellno and the Praying Mantus (featuring Vast Aire)
  13. Lazerfaces' Warning
  14. Innocent Leader
  15. Constellation Funk
  16. Blood (featuring Mr. Lif and C-Rayz Walz)

I'll Sleep When You're Dead (2007)Edit

El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead

I'll Sleep When You're Dead

  1. Tasmanian Pain Coaster (featuring Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala)
  2. Smithereens (Stop Cryin')
  3. Up All Night
  4. EMG
  5. Drive
  6. Dear Sirs
  7. Run the Numbers (featuring Aesop Rock)
  8. Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love) (featuring Cage)
  9. The Overly Dramatic Truth
  10. Flyentology (featuring Trent Reznor)
  11. No Kings
  12. The League of Extraordinary Nobodies
  13. Poisenville Kids No Wins / Reprise (This Must Be Our Time) (featuring Cat Power)

Cancer 4 Cure (2012)Edit

El-P - Cancer 4 Cure

Cancer 4 Cure

  1. Request Denied
  2. The Full Retard
  3. Works Every Time (featuring Paul Banks)
  4. Drones Over Bklyn
  5. Oh Hail No (featuring Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire and Danny Brown)
  6. Tougher Colder Killer (featuring Killer Mike and Despot)
  7. True Story
  8. The Jig Is Up
  9. Sign Here
  10. For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums the Word)
  11. Stay Down (featuring Nick Diamonds)
  12. $4 Vic/Nothing but You+Me (FTL)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A Glimpse at the Struggle
  2. Constellation (Remix)
  3. Gun for the Whole Family
  4. How to Serve Man
  5. Jukie Skate Rock
  6. Linda Trip
  7. Oxycontin, Part 2
  8. Patriotism
  9. Shut Up, Man
  10. Telemundo (Bombing Theme)
  11. The Dance
  12. Wmr
  13. Looking Over A City

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