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​Sick Amore

This song is by El-Creepo! and appears on the album Aloha (2012).

Go do the voodoo, that you do so well
Ain't an eye dropper full of love, in your corner of hell
With a head like a goat and eyes like a crow
You saw through my bones going steady and slow

If I don't survive, your deadly desires
Bathe me in gasoline and set me on fire
Breathe me in deep and fill up your lungs
Go forth and possess the world with your pink preacher tongue...

As the author of my own demise
Tragedy is capitalized
No chapter unmolested
No sentence is disguised

Sick Amore
Dead poets
And hungry wolves
Sick Amore
The blisters and the sores

From my lips to gods ears
We need a miracle!
No cure exists
No pale scientists
Only Empty labs and pandemics
The test tubes are desert dry
The new plague has now arrived
The lepers are at the gate
Sipping tiger bone wine

Dripping like a crime scene from your sweet honey moon
You're a mermaid in leather
A hailstorm in June
Waging war in your trenches
Violent sex on your beach
You're a bruised Florida orange
A black Georgia peach

Don't let me catch you with another man...

Sick Amore; Locked up in your broken heart
Sick Amore; The blisters and the sores
Sick Amore; The pentagram and the beast
Sick Amore; The bible and the priest