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Calm Before The Storm

This song is by El-Creepo! and appears on the album Aloha (2012).

Who's been sleeping in your bed?
Who's been sneaking round your head?
Who's that knocking at your door?
Who's that lying on your the floor?

That snake is a man
Crawling on his knees and hands
The past is written in stars
The future written in sand
The calm before the storm

Take a bite
Of that sinful fruit
Ill conceived, Ill repute
Your house of cards
Wears a dead man's suit
We've lost all faith in you
Don't deny the painful truth
You've lost all faith in you

That snake is a man
Driving nails into his hands
The past is a falling star
Tenets written in sand
Caught out in the storm

The calm before the storm...

Go tell your tales of valor
To your toothless congregation
Weave fallacies
Oh righteous one
How your lonesome dove eclipsed the sun
While your ghost haunted the only one
Who's tragic life's defined by love

The calm before the storm...

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