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Album by Eläkeläiset.
  1. Elän Humpalla (Cover of Bon Jovi: Living On A Prayer)
  2. Pyjamahumppa (Cover of Roxette: Sleeping In My Car|Sleeping In My Car)
  3. Sorvarin Humppa (Cover of Motörhead: Ace Of Spades)
  4. Sortohumppa (Cover of J.M.K.E.: Tere Perestroika)
  5. Eläkeläiset (Cover of Spin Doctors: Two Princes)
  6. Komerohumppa (Cover of Rock'n'Roll Band: I'm Gonna Roll)
  7. Surinajenkka (Cover of Psychoplasma: Radio Flies)
  8. Tarakkihumppa (Cover of D-A-D: Sleeping My Day Away)
  9. Riivinrautahumppa (Cover of Alice Cooper: Bed Of Nails)
  10. Pätä Pätä (Cover of Neal Hefti: Batman Theme)
  11. Ryhtivaliohumppa (Cover of ZZ Top: Sharp Dressed Man)
  12. Orpopojan Jenkka (Cover of Ian Dury: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll)
  13. Kulttihumppa (Cover of The Cult: Lil' Devil)
  14. Sisupussihumppa (Cover of The Lords Of The New Church: Open Your Eyes)
  15. Humppaleka (Cover of Elvis Presley: Viva Las Vegas)
  16. Konttaushumppa (Cover of The Troggs: Wild Thing)
  17. Humppaan itsekseni (Cover of Billy Idol: Dancing With Myself)
  18. Kiitoratahumppa (Cover of The Velvet Underground: Venus in Furs)
  19. Kuka Humpan Seisauttaa? (Cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival: Who'll Stop The Rain)
  20. Humppaa Tai Kuole (Cover of 2 Unlimited: No Limit)
  21. Aamupalahumppa (Cover of Suzanne Vega: Tom's Diner)
  22. Pätä Pätä (Cover of Neal Hefti: Batman Theme)
  23. Komerotekno (Cover of Rock'n'Roll Band: I'm Gonna Roll)
  24. Tawast-bingo
  25. Luikurihumppa (Cover of Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus)
  26. Päätön Humppa (Cover of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: Enola Gay)

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