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You Leech

This song is by Ektomorf and appears on the album I Scream Up To The Sky (2002).

You fucking leech!

Many times, I've been thinking:
What the fuck you
Were doin' in my life?
Don't you know appreciation,
Gratitude, or friendly relation?

I gave you all I had, all, all, all
And I just see now who you are
You sucked my blood 'cause
You're a leech
But now you can only suck my dick!

I am me, I don't change my mind
I only leave my past behind
I still have things I can give you
But now you can't rip me off,
Fuck you!

Now you pretending you're good, the best
Modesty and guiltlessness
Now you go on kissing asses
You are one of those hypocrites!

But I make you feel afraid
Do you feel the fear?
Your eyes keep shedding a frightened tear
So I know you well and I know your end
But I won't be spoiled by destiny

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