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​You Are

This song is by Ektomorf and appears on the album I Scream Up To The Sky (2002).

You are
The one who has a bleeding heart
The one who screams up to the sky
The one who always wants to cry

You are
The one who just suffers just suffers
The one who hates just hates
The one who feels like a looser

You are
The one who lies in the dirt
The one who lost everything
Who doesn't believe in destiny

You are

Ami fáj azt hagyd, hogy fájjon
De az életedért talpra kell állnod
Akit elvesztettél mindig itt lesz veled
Akit elveszettem mindig itt lesz velem

You are
The one who speaks to me
The one who waits for an answer
The one who finds peace in my music

You are

I am
I'm the one who can give
Who understands you
The one who understands me is:

You are