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I Know Them

This song is by Ektomorf and appears on the album Destroy (2004).

I know them

I see the world, and it's full of hate
Around me, hypocrites, and I know them
They want to take away my emotions
But I resist; I will destroy them

I know them

Great future, safe life, money, abundance
They promise everything, but it's bullshit
I'm not a motherfucker ignorant
I will strike...
I will fight...

They cannot take my life
They cannot stop me
They cannot take my rights

They cannot control me
They cannot change me
They cannot repress me

I know them

I go ahead, never, never turn back
Live your fucking life and give me respect
I have my life, and it's only mine
I will strike...
I will fight...

Written by:

Zoltan Farkas

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