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Silver Bugs

This song is by Eisley.

Silver Bugs
I'm getting colder by they day and it's only cause you're not here.
I'm wishing for silver bugs to fly me over where you are.
And then i know that Someone locked the door when i'm not home.

It's okay, It's a golden day, a golden day, And tomorrow's coming up.
Take the bright,bright branches of lovely moments.

It was the look on your face that told me you've always cared.
And i'll try to know your safe and maybe that will make me sound.
And this i know dear, My heart smiles when you're near.

It's okay, it's a golden day, a golden day, and tomorrow's coming up.
take the bright,bright branches of lovely moments.

And in the morning, i'll gather all the hope that's on my window,
and place them inside.

Chorus 2X

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