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Queen Of Leaves

This song is by Eisley.

Queen Of Leaves
It happened one night beneath the moon.
When the leaves floated down from the trees.
And the next thing I knew, I was up right beside you,
With my soft green face smiling beside you.

And we danced slowly, waltzed methodically all over the ground,
Hurry now before we must return to trees. Your arms of green, you are my
King and I am, I'm the queen of leaves.

The insects were quite confused, and the frogs well they seemed quite amused.
But all I know is you're standing beside me, with your soft green face smiling beside me.

And if you doubted the possibilities, my love, no way.
Look how the trees will surrender their hair so love can have it's way.
And I'm wondering, would you stay with me? We'll leave this place immediately with
Nothing in our hands, It doesn't matter, you know, you have to know.

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