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The German title of this song is "Sakrileg 11". The English translation is "Sacrilege 11".
Kiss me
So that I don't have to say anything
Hold me
And then end it with me
I don't know how or why
It's all going downhill for us
There is still a lot for me to do
But you're in my way

It doesn't matter t'all, what you do
It doesn't matter, what you say
It doesn't matter, what moves you
It doesn't matter, however much you moan
I hide myself away from it
And bash my head through the wall
I'll take my destiny
Into my own hands once again

You do nothing–-I hate it
You try nothing--I hate it
You wait--I hate it
For whatever--leave it be
You tremble--I hate it
You turn bitter--I hate it
You cripple me--I hate it
How quickly times passes
Because it's much too early--too late...

Kiss me
Then say adieu
Hit me
Then it won't hurt as badly
Who knows just how far
And whereto the wind will blow us
And what there is for me
In the stars without you

It doesn't matter what you do
It doesn't matter what you say
Doesn't matter whether you understand
Doesn't matter, however much you ask me
I'll hide myself away from it
And eat from my own hand
I've not burnt
My fingers often enough

You say nothing--I hate it
You ask nothing--I hate it
You still believe--I hate it
In your God--leave it be!
You tremble--I hate it!
How quickly time passes
Because it's much too soon--too late...